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Why Miss Jyapu Beauty Contest?

Jyapu!  Jyapu!!  Jyapu!!!  What does ‘Jyapu’ represent? What does it mean in fact? There are many schools of thoughts about ‘Jyapu’. Widely, the outside world takes it as a cultural foundation of Nepal while in Nepal, the non-newar communities often consider ‘Jyapus’ as the Kathmandu valley residents. On the other hand, within the valley, the other newar communities describe the clan of people who adopt agriculture as occupation and conduct cultural performances as ‘Jyapu’. But the fact lies apart from these all superficial description, underneath the history of human civilization. In fact, the term ‘Jyapu’, in its origin, is not a caste, rather it is a civilization like ‘Maya’, ‘Inka’ and ‘Yunani’. ‘Jyapu Civilization’ is thought to be older than all these civilizations. Unluckily, the Jyapu Civilization has been disvalued since long, then and now. Jyapu civilization was the civilization developed among the ancient inhabitants of ‘Jambu Island Continent’. The founder of the civilization was an elite preacher Honorable Guru Naasa. This was a Matriarchal Civilization that flourished between Pashan Era and early Nawa-Pashan Era of human civilization, and was a milestone in the history of human civilization. Cultivation, animal hoarding, hunting, cooking in clay pots and other scientific practices started during this very time period.

Nepal got to be proud, the fact that a clan from the very ancient civilization is still living here. They are very much lively and functional at present global context as well. The community today we know as ‘Jyapu’ are the representatives of the very civilization.

Nepal is known to the outside world for two key aspects; Nature and Culture. There are very few communities in the world who have been successfully representing these two aspects, and in context of Nepal,  it is the ‘Jyapu’ community who have been successfully doing so. They are the original inhabitants of Kathmandy Valley (Nepa:). They were the well-to-do members of the valley communities.

Jyapu are considered, by historians, as the fundamental among all Newar castes. Details about when people of other castes in-migrated to Kathmandu Valley from outside places clearly reflect this fact.

Though inhabiting a metro-city with numerous temples and shrines, and reflecting 90% of the cultural richness of the nation, this community is facing continuous external influences and dominance. They are forced to displace themselves from their own inhabitation. The young generation of this community is vexed and worried about the scenario. It is the duty and responsibility of all aware individuals of this community to help the distracted young generation gain awareness and become proactive in our community. It is today’s call, of time. Considering this very need, this ‘Naasa Mandal’ (Naasa Foundation) has taken an initiative after consultations with elite members of communities and active organizations related to this concern. And it is a pleasure to make this initiation highlighting the women, the center of this Matriarchal Civilization. With a motive to promote the women of this community in the intellectual beauty, we announce our cultural revolution, manifested by the concept of “Miss Jyapu 2012” beauty contest.

The personality and glamour of a woman is not just reflected by her physical beauty, but much by her intellectual strength, wisdom and skill. These all qualities define the ultimate beauty. A woman capable of manifesting her beauty will also be able to make her home well knowledgeable and civilized. This is turn will strengthen the society, which in turn is reflected in the whole city and then the whole nation. Inspired by this concept, we have joined the mission of promoting the women of this very Matriarchal Civilization into the field of intellectual beauty.

Since this “Miss Jyapu Beauty Contest” is representing the most ancient civilization, we believe that in coming days this contest will be recognized and enjoyed as a well established and respected event. To strengthen this motto, and to expand its scope, we are organizing this event on the occasion of “Jyapu Divas’ on 27th Jyestha 2069 (June 9, 2012 Saturday). In coming years, this event will be organized on the ‘full-moon day’ of the month of Magh of Nepali Calendar.

Thank You.
Mahendra Raj Dangol
Naasa Mandal
Social Service and Cultural Foundation

(Mr.Mahendra Raj Dangol (Ardy), President of ‘Naasa Mandal’, Coordinator/Executive Manager of 8th National Jyapu Divas Samaroh Samitty 2068, and Chairman of Jyapu Lyamha Pucha (Jyapu Youth Group) as well as Proprietor/Director of Friends Movies Pvt. Limited.)

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