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This is a committed social service and cultural foundation. This foundation is active primarily on raising awareness among the young of the whole nation on cultural fronts and cultural identity. It will function as a platform for the young generation to enhance their skills, intellectual strengths and cultural values suiting the present context, and modifying if needed. Various activities like Cultural Functions, Seminars...

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Naasa Mandal has organized this Press Conference to inform about the first National Jyapu Beauty Contest. This beauty contest will be competitive within the Jyapu Community which includes castes of Singh, Suwal, Dangol, Maharjan, Munikar, Prajapati, Awale, Kisan and others. Participants of age group from 18 to 24 years of age can participate by fulfilling the official requirements of the contest.

Chairman Message

Since this "Miss Jyapu Beauty Contest" is representing the most ancient civilization, we believe that in coming days this contest will be recognized and enjoyed as a well established and respected event. To strengthen this motto, and to expand its scope, we are organizing this event

Miss Jyapu Beauty Pageant 2017
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